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Since 1994, Bayside Anesthesia Medical Group (BAMG) has provided the highest quality anesthetic care to thousands of patients at St. John’s Health Center and several outpatient centers in Santa Monica.  Bayside is a physician-owned practice that has held an exclusive contract with the hospital for the last thirty years and is fully integrated with the hospital including anesthesiologists on the board of directors.  We have over forty board certified anesthesiologists, many with sub-specialty training and fellowships. BAMG anesthesiologists have been trained at some of the most prestigious universities and have published numerous peer-reviewed articles.

Saint John’s Health Center is a highly regarded tertiary care center that for over 75 years has provided the Los Angeles community an amazing array of medical sub-specialties. The services are provided with an unparalleled standard of care and dedication to each and every patient.  The hospital has earned a well-deserved reputation for clinical excellence and award-winning care.


As part of Bayside, you will have the opportunity to practice academic level care in a private practice setting.  We have a very favorable demographic and payor mix and have the added benefit of being located only blocks from the beach in Santa Monica, a city replete with picturesque beaches, world-class restaurants, scenic hiking trails, outdoor water sports and active social events.  

  • 1st year income of $400,000 - $450,000 (assuming 5 weeks vacation)

  • 3 years to partnership

  • Full-time partnership track or part-time positions are available with flexible scheduling

  • Low first call distribution (1-2/month), robust call stipends, fairly distributed Qgenda based scheduling with equal access to cases.  Day off after call is available


  • Fellowship experience is welcomed but not required  


Bayside will provide you with a work-life balanced career for physicians interested in a stimulating blend of routine and complex cases.  This practice provides excellent income while allowing ample time to spend with family and to pursue outside interests.


Please contact: 


Swapneel K. Shah, MD

Cell: (949) 306-4727

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