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Answering/Messaging Service


Physicians First Messaging

The phone number for our answering service to give out to patients/staff /nurses etc.

(310) 341-7655


When this number is called, their operators answer “Hello, This is Bayside Anesthesia Medical Group answering service, how may I help you.”  From there, based on an algorithm we developed with them, they will route the call accordingly.  They have a real time link to our Qgenda call schedule (read only), as well as the excel spreadsheet that Dorothy keeps with all of our contact info and providence email addresses, and so can refer to people on call as well the AIC.  They also have contact info for Dorothy’s number / our billing office / Spectralink (for OB and AIC) / etc.  They have the ability to tiger text / providence secure email / phone call (including direct transfer to your number without the patient knowing your number).I envision it being used in multiple ways to facilitate communication within our practice, with some examples of how it can be used:


  1. When Dorothy is out of the office, our main number can be set to forward to the answering service, at which time they can forward the call to the appropriate person

  2. Pain Service – we will be transitioning away from the Google Voice number I set up previously for the pain service and will begin to use this number going forward

  3. For Dr. Beng’s service where we place OnQ catheters, no need to give the patient your personal cell number anymore.  Simply give them the answering service number in addition to the 1 800 number provided by the manufacturer.

  4. When you call a patient at night and they don’t answer and you want to leave a way for them to call you back, they can go through the service

  5. When surgeons / hospitalists / etc. need to find out who is on call and or get in touch with that person, they can call the service.

  6. If a patient has an emergency issue (outpatients after discharge for example) that they think is related to their anesthetic (“I can't swallow and im drooling a lot”), they can contact the anesthetist directly involved with their care.

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