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Jeffrey Zarin, MD 

(Orthopedics, Total Joints)

Dr. Zarin recently joined Dr. Yun and Dr. Bengs group.  Here are his preferences:

  • Spinals preferred for all knee and hip cases

  • 1 g IV tranexamic acic at the beginning and 1 g IV tranexamic acic at the end of case.  Do not give IV tranexamic acid if the patient has exclusion critieria (recent stent, stroke, DVT...)

  • 4 mg of dexamethasone at the beginning of the case

  • 2 g Ancef for antibiotic (if pt weighs over 125 kg, use 3 g); may use vancomycin if patient has allergy to cephalosporin

  • No hip blocks.  He infiltrates extensively.

  • Adductor canal blocks for all his patients.  No exparel or OnQ.

  • 15-30 mg Toradol at the end of the case with GFR > 60.  Use your judgment based on size and age of patient.  Hold if patient has allergy to Toradol.

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