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Timothy Wilson, MD 

(Urology, Robotic)

(909) 725-3226 

PA Kayla Tran also can act as a contact point for us:

mobile 216-233-1244  email:


  • Internist/cardiologist sees the patient 2 weeks ahead.  Kayla coordinates and makes sure all expected info is in the chart in advance. 

  • Dr. Toiserkani group follows during hospitalization, and is available for day-of consultation 

  • As always, Call the night before, Patients are expecting a call




  • Blood loss is typically 250cc

  • No special blocks are requested

  • No A-line or additional access is required unless indicated. Single "good" line is usually adequate.



Both arms tucked

FULL Trendelenburg

Foam pad over face to protect. 

Bed will be turned 45 degrees



Ancef 2g

Toradol at end of case



2-3L is target. Wilson prefers well-hydrated patient,



Keep relaxed until fascia closed, usually 20 min after Wilson is done at the console



  • Expect 8-10 hours

  • EBL: typically ~500cc, Type + Cross recommended.

  • Lines: A-line preferred, 2 large IVs, or central access. 

  • ERAS Protocol - Modified- No Block



Entereg (Alvimpoan) This is given PO in preop to speed the return of bowel function.  It’s in a class called:  Peripherally-Acting Mu-Opioid Receptor Antagonists (PAMORA). It should have minimal effect on intraop anesthesia/analgesia



ROBOTIC CYSTECTOMY (Dr. Linehan): 520-440-5142


ERAS protocol (see abdominal cases above) for cystectomy cases including Intrathecal Opioids (dosing as stated above)

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