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Surgery Center of the Pacfic (SCOP)



  • Please record the amount of propofol you use on each patient on the form you find in the propofol bag given to you by the nurse

  • Make a copy of all your anesthesia records for your billing and your narcotic tracking

  • You will turn in your narcotic sheet with the attached charts documenting said medications

  • There is a billing collection box at SCOP in the doctor’s lounge. 



  • One physician must stay till the last patient gets their IV removed and is ready to leave

  • Typically this person is the last anesthesiologist done or SCOP 1

  • If two people are done at the same time often it should go to the person who is a lower SCOP number like SCOP 1

  • If your patient is having a more complicated postoperative course it maybe prudent to be the anesthesiologist who stays

  • Make sure to be available by phone for the staff to call you once you do leave.

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