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Santa Monica Surgery Center (SMS)

2825 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 100

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Night Before

When you are assigned a case at SMS it will appear on the schedule but you should also receive an email – REPLY TO EMAIL THAT YOU RECEIVED IT.  These cases are time sensitive so an anesthesiologist not showing up on time could effect the viability of the eggs.


There is parking available under the building, the entrance to parking is on Santa Monica Blvd.  You will take a ticket, but after you are done with the case you will go to the reception desk of the fertility office and they will give you vouchers to pay for the parking



The nurse at the center typically puts in the IV and will have all the paperwork you need at the patient’s bedside.  She will sign out fentanyl 100mcg for the procedure.  They prefer not to use midazolam as a premed at this center.



Anesthesia for egg retrieval is typically MAC with lidocaine/propofol/fentanyl. If the patient moves at all when the ultrasound is inserted then they are too light.  It is important that they don’t move during egg retrieval.



Once the patient is stable post-op ask the nurse if she is comfortable with you leaving.  They do not require the IV to be removed before you leave.  Be available by cellphone for any issues that come up and make sure the nurse has this contact information.  It is a rare event that someone has had to return to SMS for a complication but it has happened.


As of 12/10/18 cases at SMS are paid at least 60 minutes, more if the case is longer.  Copy the OR record and include with you billing.  Put billing in private pay box.

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